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    Why use them

    If you are trying to communicate cheaply with a targeted group then fax business lists might be a great tool for you. They give you the data necessary to communicate with a large target audience at a very attractive price.
    Buy Fax Lists
    You can purchase fax broadcast business lists on the internet from many providers. Often you can complete your purchase and download your fax broadcast business list in minutes. The downloaded file will generally be in CSV format allowing you to search and manipulate your new list in the most popular spreadsheet and database software applications.

    Once you have downloaded your business list simply isolate the specific records that you would like to use. For instance you may wish to send a fax to all dentists in a particular geography.

    Once you have the exact list that you would like to fax to you need to decided how you will deliver your faxes. You could of course use any regular fax machine but if you are sending out a large volume of faxes to your list then that could become very time consuming.

    One great alternative to mass fax broadcasting are self serve internet based fax broadcast services. Generally they allow you to create an account, login, upload the document you wish to fax, upload the list of fax number and send your fax to hundreds or even thousands of recipients in minutes.

    Before using fax broadcast business lists to send out your message make sure to check the local laws and regulations to ensure you are not breaking any rules. There may be several criteria you need to be aware of.