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I Business Park: The Best Place to Manage All Different Businesses

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  • I Business Park: The Best Place to Manage All Different Businesses

    I Business Park New Capital is a solid real estate investment option for those who want to live and invest at the same time in an Egyptian building with Emirati experience.
    Mall of I Business Park in New Administrative Capital remains one of Egypt's top real estate investment opportunities as it prepares for many high-end technological achievements within a futuristic building, for the same reasons the owners of I Business Towers have chosen its exact site for implementation in the heart of the new capital on Downtown Square to help them achieve things in an advanced pattern.

    I Business Park New Capital has numerous advantages that makes it one of the first favorite investment projects for many investors, including its strategic location within the New Administrative Capital, good price ranges and the quick access to it and from it to other places, also the variations that are provided on the installation systems or cash payments and the diversity on spaces & designs.
    There are also different types of units for different types of businesses, such as administrative, medical units and hotel apartments.

    I Business Park Towers is encircled by large open spaces and magnificent views. This project offers numerous amenities and services that attracts clients from everywhere to invest there within the project and assure wealth, luxury and refinement.
    The mall has the most advanced sports equipment for those who love playing sports in a specialized areas and gym. The best quality of service is provided at international restaurants and cafés. 24/7 security and safety as well as contemporary monitoring cameras around the project. I Business Mall New Capital also provides more entertaining facilities for children within entertainment areas. There are also different leisure activities like mini-golf areas and theaters.