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RuneScape utilized to have in the way of my life

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  • RuneScape utilized to have in the way of my life

    Truth of the matter is: Even with these DXPs, portables, free keys... Runescape remains a grindy of game and this 200M or 120 or even 99ing a skill usually will result in what? A tap on the back along with a cape you likely will never wear, since the benefits kick in RS gold before that. Worst part is, that early or middle level rewards seldom matter since you move beyond them fast enough.

    I have been contemplating playing Ironmen before since the rewards you unlock there really matter before end game. Sure if you tryhard enough you'll max before a most important scaper casual, but damn hell this sub pretends that everyone is able to acquire 20m/h easy ( if they are using a 1b+ worth of gear ) or focus so intensively to acquire high xp rates while skilling ( I could never reach these rates I see posted here or wiki ) But I sure as hell wont be with even less XP rates than mainscape.

    I have never seen someone with this type of mindset(probably because I don't play rs3 amymore). If you enjoy p2w and all of your skills can be maxed in under 2 days afterward I suppose you're part of the issue which has plauged Rs3 in it's entirety. You call purchasing all your abilities with IRL cash"being an adult". I'd call that destroying the matches integrity that's the reason why very little people play that game to date.

    I'm not talking about purchasing the skills. I'm speaking about the DXP"weekends" and randomly getting bonus XP from a daily reward (I know that it's not a reward, and also an effort to get you to pay more) or performing quests. In case OSRS and RS3 were my options at age 13, I would pick OSRS.

    RuneScape utilized to have in the way of my life

    She never said anything about buying skills. They simply love higher level content and not a lot of that the mill. It very much boggles my mind how a lot of people really care about 120ing or 200M ing a skill or heck 99ing a skill. What did I gain from that? The ability to cheap OSRS gold fish another thing I will really receive a benefit from again. This obsession over grinding something that doesnt matter is mind numming.