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How much pay an agent of the real state?

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  • How much pay an agent of the real state?

    How much do I have to pay an agent to help me buy a house?

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    Hi Roger,
    it is usually a matter of a percent. You don't pay a lump sum before or at the end of transaction. When you hire a real estate agent you decide what percent of the money from transaction will go to them. The agency fee is included in the deal you make. It is pretty fair if you ask me. I believe it is possible that each agency or an agent have different requirements and fees but they are usually similar to each other.

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      In India a small real estate agent charge around 1% of total transaction value, whereas large real estate broker command brokerage in the range of 2-7% depending on developers brand value and its execution capability. A large real estate brokerage house like provides all kinds of supports from pre-sales to post sales services to make the home buying process smooth and hassle free for home buyers.
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        Well, now the percentage might vary from agent to agent. But in India, nowadays 1% percent is charged on the sale value. At present, Real Estate Consulting Services are on the rise and both developers and customers prefer them as compared to real estate agents. The Real Estate or Property Consultants are also referred as Channel Partners. Why prefer them? This question must be in your mind. Well, the answer is simple. They charge a nominal fee or even no brokerage as compared to real estate agents. Also, the commission charged is much lower than the percentage you pay to an agent. In Mumbai City, you might find location expert property consultants to service you in finding your dream home. The tools and knowledge and other related help you might need to home purchase such as legal documentation, financial assistance, etc, are also provided by them.
        For example, suppose you want to buy 1 BHK in the Thane area of Mumbai City. Thane is one of the most sought after locations for home buyers as well as investors. Now if you contact a property consultant, their first priority would be to help you in finding a specific area in Thane as per your requirements that can even yield you great returns. Once your location and project are selected, they act as a mediator between you and the developer i.e. that means they negotiate on your behalf to further save you money and with you until the end of the agreement. Once your deal is finalized, they also guide you in the payment process of the apartment you end up booking.
        Hope this answer satisfies your query and you may find the above information very helpful.
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          Estate agents’ fees vary enormously and add thousands of pounds to the cost of selling a home. It is difficult to avoid estate agents fees, but understanding them can help you haggle successfully – and save you serious money. New Zealand Property Buyers is an Agency with the buyer in mind. Also reasonable.


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            Everything depends on where are you. Usually in the USA it's about 6% of the home sale price. It can be more, it can be less. We'd need to find out more!