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  • Hello From San Diego

    Hi guys! My name is SteveGarcia. I'm an amateur photographer, and that's an overstatement! At least for the moment. I hope you're all ready to hear my aspirations and business plan!

    I'm 18 and aspiring to get into the business of Wedding Photography. I have a friend in the business and she will be letting be shadow her and attend bridal bazaars with her. In the next week I will begin editing some of her photos from previous weddings. I hope to shadow her/ be a second shooting with her for approximately four or five weddings before moving on to find another photographer to learn from. I hope to get as many perspectives as possible while I develop my own style.

    Next semester I plan to start taking a few photography classes. Within the next few months I also hope to take as many workshops and other online courses I can get my hands on. I actually found this site by watching some of Greg's videos on Youtube (they're great by the way!).

    After I've shadowed between fifteen and twenty weddings, I plan on going off into my own business. It's definitely a very quick path, and I realize I can only succeed in following it with hard work. Hard work is exactly what I plan to do. I won't start expensive (obviously), but I'm already starting to think of starting pricing for each event/engagement shoot as well as how much the price will go up until I plateau.

    ANYWHO, I've got tons of questions for all the experienced photographers... I just need to figure out where to appropriately post them as they don't quite fall into very specific categories.

    I only have a measly digital camera but I'm saving up to get a nicer quality digital camera soon. Suggestions would be great!

    Thanks all!

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